Sleek, powerful, and elusive, jaguars stalk the Americas and are revered by all who share their realm. Their mesmerizing gaze and hunting prowess have earned them a prominent place in mythology and legend. Jaguars are pretty cool cats! Jaguars are built for life in the tropical rain forest, with muscular limbs and large paws to climb trees, pad along the forest floor, and even swim in rivers and streams. They enjoy a good dip and are strong swimmers. In fact, they typically live near water and have a taste for aquatic creatures. They can also survive in other habitats, too, from grasslands to deserts. Our jaguars can prowl a marshy wetland habitat with rocks, trees, large branches, and a stream that flows into a large pond—where the cat might catch some fish. There’s a statue of a famous cat relative here—the saber-toothed cat—for kids to climb on.

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