Assembly and Classroom Programs

Assembly and Classroom Programs


Our programs align with the new Next Generation Science and Common Core State Standards. We can bring wildlife, fun, and learning right to your school! Just call 619-557-3963 or 619-557-3962 to reserve an outreach program for your auditorium or classroom.

ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS—For Your Whole School!

All assemblies feature animal presentations, a Zoo Educator, and Dr. Zoolittle, the Zoo’s zany, good-natured wildlife researcher. After the program, each student will receive a coupon providing free admission to the Zoo (when accompanied by a paid adult).

  • Length: 50 to 55 minutes
  • Maximum audience per assembly: 350
  • Fee: $375 for first assembly and $200 for each additional assembly (same day, same school, same room location). A mileage fee may apply.

Grades K–6

  • Nature's Tricks with Dr. Zoolittle
  • Icky, Yucky, Gross Bugs with Dr. Zoolittle
  • Radical Researchers
  • Dr. Zoolittle's Pollution Solutions



Most classroom programs feature animal presentations, a Zoo Educator, and the Zoo’s zany, good-natured wildlife researcher, Dr. Zoolittle.

  • Length: 50 to 55 minutes
  • Maximum audience (students and chaperones): 30 per classroom for grades pre–2 and 40 per classroom for grades 3–12
  • Fee: $225 for the first program and $125 for each additional program (same day, same school). A mileage fee may apply.


  • Growing Up Green: Even the youngest students can be superheroes for the Earth! Animal presentations and fun activities emphasize how easy it is to be green. Includes a puppet presentation and a small animal encounter.
  • Be a Bug's Buddy! From beautiful butterflies to busy bees, the world of pollinators is amazing, and you'll never guess who the largest pollinator is! Includes a puppet presentation and a small animal encounter.

Grades 1–2:

  • Recycle Rock Stars! When it comes to recycling, students and teachers can be rock stars, too! Discover how recycling can make your classroom more earth-friendly while helping wildlife. Includes an interactive classroom activity and animal encounter.
  • What's the Buzz? Bugs are wildlife weirdos that the planet cannot do without! Learn about pollinators, decomposers, and other animal outlaws in this interactive classroom program. Includes a puppet presentation and a small animal encounter.

Grades 3–6

  • Reptile Researchers: Join in the fun as our reptile researchers tag iguanas to monitor their movements in the wild, and track down an endangered local turtle species with the coolest radio-tracking equipment!
  • Southwest Scientists: Get excited about conservation as Dr. Zoolittle leads you on an adventure tracking the movements of elusive California condors! Become a Southwest scientist by creating awareness for endangered wildlife.

Grades 6–8:

  • Giraffe Trackers (two-part program): During two one-hour sessions, students encounter the challenges of tracking giraffes in Africa, as they become field researchers on an important mission. Session 1: Students track giraffes in Kenya using technology, trail camera images, and animal scat samples. Students will also learn how to become citizen scientists, helping to conserve wildlife both locally and globally. Session 2: Students dive deeper into the issues surrounding giraffe conservation as they step into the role of “Giraffe Guards.” Students will uncover the pressures on giraffe populations and collaborate to create a conservation plan. Fee: $450 (discounted fee of $350 if sessions are implemented on the same day, back to back).

Grades 9–12

  • NEW! Global Climate Scientists: High School students explore climate science and discover what it takes to be climate-smart citizens. Our interactive program empowers students to take action to protect our planet from future climate impacts.